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1411 W Duranta Ave, Alamo, TX 78516

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EIS EAGLE, INC. Quality Declaration




Quality is defined as conformance to the standards; both legal and aesthetic. The standards are the best/acceptable way to do the job.

The standards are set by our installation and proper inspection and repairs base on our manufacturing recommendation and customer expectations.


  • I understand that I will install or repair each job to the standards 100 % of the time. Just as safety is critically important to my own life,
  • I acknowledge that quality is critically important to the life of EIS Eagle.
  • I understand that the desire for quality is not enough, that nothing happens without action, and action is a result of choice.
  • I therefore choose to actively pursue quality. Quality is also a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • I will always seek to improve my performance.
  • I am committed to finding better ways to do my job, which  include ways to improve the quality of my work, and the quality of our product.
  • I have the right to be trained properly.
  • I have the responsibility to perform my work according to the training I have received.
  • I understand that quality is attained through knowledge of the standards, and choosing to use that knowledge with honesty and integrity.
  • I will not wait to be taught, but commit myself to active learning. A declaration and commitment from everyone employee with EIS Eagle, Inc.

Customs & Compliance

By utilizing Eagle Industrial Supply, you can better manage your investment.


We have the ability to easily manage and control the process  and planning of institutions or companies to simplified any industrial material handling needs;

  • Reliability and Safety Assessment
  • Meet industry requirements, and regulatory environment.
  • Used our prevented maintainer program to protect your investment
  • Learn and educate the in user by using our teaching program
  • Minimize risk and future potential costs of non-compliance.

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Our Phone Number:

(956) 223-4531

Si Hablamos Español

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Our Main Location:

1411 W Duranta Ave
Alamo, TX 78516

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“You’d be surprised how far we’ll go for you”


(956) 223-4531

Si Hablamos Español